RAFT statement on the new president of Temple

RAFT is concerned about Dr. Wingard’s credentials as they relate to leading an institution of public education, one that serves especially working class students and first generation college students, and operates in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. The needs and interests of wealthy private corporate institutions do not coincide with, and should not shape, public education.

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A lifeboat in tumultuous times…

In times of crises or upheaval, powerful actors have historically used the occasion to initiate austerity measures. These measures have often led to the permanent deterioration of people’s working conditions and further lay-offs even after the crisis subsides. For many of us, the current COVID19 crisis exacerbates what we already have to deal with as Temple employees: our lack of health benefits, child-care, and job security. Now is the time to insist that those who carry most of the burden of this crisis do not have their working conditions eroded even more.

Who are we?

We are adjuncts, NTTs, and graduate students concerned not only about our own security during this crisis, but also that of campus workers, librarians, and tenure track faculty.

We are proud union members and supporters, and we formed the Rank-and-File Caucus because we believe the best way to support ourselves, our students, and our unions is to build a powerful, mobilized, and effective rank-and-file movement.

What’s at stake?

We need to be ready. Now is the time to organize for the kind of university that supports its workers and students — and to fight back against the cuts and layoffs looming on the horizon. 

We believe Temple has the resources to weather this crisis without harming our community of students, teachers, and workers. In full support of TAUP’s and TUGSA’s requests, we also put forth the following immediate demands:

  • Defund the police!
  • Re-hire everyone!
  • Paid sick leave for all Temple workers!
  • Additional pay for additional work, including online training!
  • No re-opening without consultation with faculty and all fellow workers!
  • Compensation for household costs for working from home!

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What is to be done?

We advocate for the establishment of localized democratic committees across departments in order that our collective voice can be stronger both within our unions and within the university. We need to stand together and support each other, and fight against the cuts – together, we are stronger! 

Now is the time to join the Rank-and-File Caucus to combine our power.